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Facebook Tutorial: How to Interact as your Page

We know it’s tough. You’ve just got the hang of Facebook and wham! There’s an update and everything looks different again. If you self-manage your business socials, trying to keep your personal profile and business page separate can be pretty confusing. Luckily, Facebook has recently made some attempts to simplify matters and has created a new Page “News Feed” as well as allowing Pages to join groups (group Admin willing, of course). Here’s our handy tutorial on how to navigate through the update.

First up, it’s important to note that a business Page and your personal Facebook Profile are very different and serve different purposes. Secondly, there is a big difference between Facebook online (using your computer) and the mobile phone app. It’s obviously important to know whether you’re liking or commenting on a post as yourself or as your business (Page). Here are a few steps to clear up any confusion:

1.) For this tutorial you’ll need to be using your computer not the mobile phone app.

2.) Check who you are before you start! On the top right of your screen, in the top menu bar, you should see your personal profile picture and name.

3.) To go to your Page, click on the flag icon in the middle of your top menu bar.

4.) A new page will load and you will have the option to choose your business Page. Click on the name of your Page.

5.) Your Page will load and you’ll notice a little notification box pop-up saying that you’re now interacting as your Page.

6.) On the left-hand side of your screen will be a new menu, click on News Feed

Facebook tutorial showing step by step instructions on how to interact as Standout Digital

7.) This is now your business Page News Feed! It works just like your personal news feed but whenever you like or comment, you’ll be doing so as your Page not as your person. It’s a great way to strategically follow Pages of value to your business and then interact with them appropriately for maximum value. If it’s the first time you’re here, Facebook will guide you through a few steps to get you started before taking you to your News Feed.

8.) Keep an eye on the comment box (where you type in a comment) and you’ll notice your business profile picture and the text in the box will tell you who you are commenting as.

9.) To the right of the comment box, you’ll notice a smaller version of your business Page profile picture with a little arrow next to it. If you click here you can toggle between interacting as your Page or as your person. You will also have this option when you’re on your own personal profile and once you’ve got the hang of things, you can easily toggle between without having to go to your Page first. Just be sure to always check “who” you’re interacting as before hitting enter!

Step by step instructions on toggling between a Facebook Page and Facebook Profile

We hope that this has guided you through the change and that you’re feeling a bit more confident when it comes to using Facebook!

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