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POPI- Are you ready?

It’s a new month and the last before the POPI Act becomes law. If you think your business is exempt, think again. Even small businesses are going to have to take this Act seriously or risk reputational damage, large fines, damage claims or even possible imprisonment.  POPI places obligations on all businesses that process personal information. ItContinue reading “POPI- Are you ready?”

Critical Website Care

You have a fantastic website. Compliments from customers are coming in and you’re seeing sales increasing. You pat yourself on the back for getting your business online and get on with work, leaving your website to do its job quietly in the background. A few months later you start getting calls from customers to sayContinue reading “Critical Website Care”

Is your Website Healthy?

A quick look at Core Web Vitals We recently shared a post on social media covering a few facts on website speed. We all know it’s annoying trying to get to site which is slow to load but the implications are potentially much further reaching than just risking annoying potential customers and you really needContinue reading “Is your Website Healthy?”

WhatsApp Privacy Policy update- an explainer

So, WhatsApp has “updated” their privacy policy. Cue massive social media outrage and confusion. As if we don’t have enough to worry about in the midst of a pandemic! There seems to be quite a lot of confusion about what this Privacy Policy means for us as users. Are those nudes you sent via WhatsAppContinue reading “WhatsApp Privacy Policy update- an explainer”

Facebook Tutorial: How to Interact as your Page

We know it’s tough. You’ve just got the hang of Facebook and wham! There’s an update and everything looks different again. If you self-manage your business socials, trying to keep your personal profile and business page separate can be pretty confusing. Luckily, Facebook has recently made some attempts to simplify matters and has created aContinue reading “Facebook Tutorial: How to Interact as your Page”

Busting Digital Marketing Myths- Part 2

It’s time to bust digital marketing myth 2 today! When you think social media, most often just Facebook and Instagram come to mind. But there are so many additional platforms available. Choosing the right one depends on your business type, industry, marketing strategy and goals. For some, Twitter might offer the best exposure, for othersContinue reading “Busting Digital Marketing Myths- Part 2”

Busting Digital Marketing Myths- Part 1

We’ve been on the hunt to establish a few of the most common misconceptions and myths when it comes to digital marketing. The number 1 myth we’ve encountered so far is that digital marketing is just social media management. FaLsE! Although social media management (such as the use of Facebook and Instagram) is a componentContinue reading “Busting Digital Marketing Myths- Part 1”

10 Reasons your Small Business needs a Website in 2020

Years ago a business had to have a physical address to be considered legitimate. Next came the landline phone number and from the 2000’s onwards, a business had to have a website. Is this still the case in 2020, even for small businesses? Does a business really need a website? The short answer is yes.Continue reading “10 Reasons your Small Business needs a Website in 2020”

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already moved into the 4th and last quarter of 2020 never-mind concerning ourselves with digital marketing predictions for 2021! For a year that many have (probably only half-heartedly) joked should be cancelled, it sure has left an impact on us all. Cast your mind back to January and itContinue reading “Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021”

We’ve finally hatched!

A very warm welcome to Standout Digital. Our first post is going to be a short one! We’re overwhelmed by the support the business has received so far and so blessed to have rather a lot of work already on the table before we even officially launch. Talk about flying the plane whilst building it!Continue reading “We’ve finally hatched!”