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Critical Website Care

You have a fantastic website. Compliments from customers are coming in and you’re seeing sales increasing. You pat yourself on the back for getting your business online and get on with work, leaving your website to do its job quietly in the background. A few months later you start getting calls from customers to sayContinue reading “Critical Website Care”

Is your Website Healthy?

A quick look at Core Web Vitals We recently shared a post on social media covering a few facts on website speed. We all know it’s annoying trying to get to site which is slow to load but the implications are potentially much further reaching than just risking annoying potential customers and you really needContinue reading “Is your Website Healthy?”

10 Reasons your Small Business needs a Website in 2020

Years ago a business had to have a physical address to be considered legitimate. Next came the landline phone number and from the 2000’s onwards, a business had to have a website. Is this still the case in 2020, even for small businesses? Does a business really need a website? The short answer is yes.Continue reading “10 Reasons your Small Business needs a Website in 2020”