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Professional Personal Marketing

Did you know that on average, a recruiter only looks at your CV for 7.4 seconds before making a decision? You have only one chance to standout! Kate has over 12 years of technical recruitment experience and can assist with professional personal marketing. Get insider tips and guidance from someone who has seen thousands of CV’s!

If you’re a professional in need of an online audit, ATS-savvy CV make-over or fresh LinkedIn profile we can help you.

Standout Digital offers Professional Personal Marketing

What is ATS & how does it relate to Professional Personal Marketing?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a type of software which recruiters and many businesses use to help them to manage job applications. Essentially, the ATS looks at your CV for several key conditions and it is thrown out if these are not met. You might be the perfect person for the job but if your CV doesn’t pass the ATS, it will never make it to a human’s desk!

Getting around an ATS “gatekeeper” takes a bit of experience and this is where we come in. Keywords, formatting and other factors are looked at and when done right, ensure that you’re given the best chance of having your CV get through to HR or a line manager. Don’t let a robot get in the way of your dream job! An ATS-savvy CV is just one (important!) part of an holistic strategy you can use in your job search journey.

Contact us today for professional personal marketing. From a visual resume to covering letter tips and LinkedIn help- we’ll help you to standout to potential employers!