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Email & SMS Marketing

a mobile phone to show sms marketing and envelope to show email marketing illustrated in white and yellow

How many people do you know who don’t have an email address or access to a cell phone for SMS? If its more than one we’d be pretty surprised! Although considered “old school” email and sms marketing are certainly not dead and can offer some real bang for your buck.

Email & Surveys

Email marketing is effective and cost efficient. We are able to personalize the messaging and content we deliver to your subscribers. Using data that we collect from your subscribers and other leads, we can then work to provide more personalized and relevant content that your readers are more likely to enjoy and act on. This will improve both your open and click-through rates as well as your overall conversion rates- marketing lingo for increased chance at consumer spend (i.e. revenue!)

the MailChimp email marketing company icon showing a smiling monkey illustrated on a yellow background

At Standout Digital we love MailChimp for it’s powerful analytics and the variety of options available to suit your budget and database size. Let us create compelling, relevant email campaigns to drive better results for your business!

Our fee includes an initial setup amount (from R350) and then an hourly rate for design, all of which depend on the complexity of your campaign, database size and frequency of publication. Let’s chat and see what we can do with your budget!

Through MailChimp we are also able to offer customer surveys. You can gain valuable business insights from your audience with a professionally crafted survey.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is underrated and underappreciated. According to clicksms.co.za over 6 billion text messages are sent within South Africa each day. With a 98% open rate, this is a relatively cheap but highly effective method of reach and customer engagement. Used correctly, it can yield significant results.

Here at Standout Digital we keep abreast of all relevant legislation pertaining to direct marketing messages so that your email and sms marketing campaigns are always run within the law and with respect to the rights of your customer base.