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Why an SLA?

Why do we recommend signing a Service Level Agreement?

It’s not a trick to trap you (promise!)

Digital Marketing might give off the impression of being instantaneous with immediate results but in reality it takes time to properly prepare an effective strategy. Essentially, the first month of working together is setup and preparation for campaign implementation. Success in the following months depends heavily on getting the basics right and organised from the start. This is why we operate with a Service Level Agreement.

What takes so long?

  • We need time to gather information on your business, get all of your intellectual property together in the correct formats (such as logos and photos) and plan your specific campaign.
  • We send proofs for your approval before publishing.
  • We need to import your socials to our Business Manager. In many instances there are time delays imposed (a week or more) before we can access your accounts on Facebook and Instagram. This is for security reasons.
  • We need time to access your website and install a Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics code.