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Social Media Booster Options

If you’re looking for a once-off boost which stands alone or have an occasion which necessitates a boost to your monthly management package, we’ve got Social Media Booster Options which will work for you. Below is a basic idea of what we offer. If what you need isn’t listed below, please give us a shout- we’re always open to suggestions and exploring new solutions!

a cartoon rocket illustration showing the Facebook social media logo on a booster into space
  • Google My Business listing (new or refresh)
  • Facebook event promotion
  • Facebook advertising campaigns (Boost or Campaign)
  • Additional platforms set up (such as LinkedIn or Twitter)
  • Google Ad campaigns (PPC)
  • Email newsletter
  • SMS campaigns
  • Blog posts or article publication (ghost writing)
  • Additional website maintenance or development to link with socials
  • Product photography or imagery for socials.